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Saskatchewan FireFit Regional!

  • Martensville Fire Dept (map)

FireFit is a true embodiment of the essence of firefighting – an urgent race against the firefighter’s mortal enemy – TIME!

The FireFit Championships was created as a spirited, friendly competition to highlight the level of fitness required of firefighters, to demonstrate to the world the nature of the job and to showcase the kind of people who protect life, property and the environment from the devastating effects of fire.

The six (6) essential tasks of firefighting make-up the FireFit Championships:
• Tower Climb
• Hose Pack Carry
• Hose Hoist
• Forcible Entry
• Hose Advance
• Victim Rescue

We have a number of events to participate in depending upon your fitness level and commitment!
1. FireFit Relay (3 - 5 person relay)
2. FireFit X3 (2 person technical relay)
3. FireFit Individual / Team (Team made of of 3 - 5 team members)

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