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The Jack Croteau Memorial Scholarship

Jack Croteau was one of the original founders of The Saskatchewan Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Association (SVFFA) in 1990, and passionately did all that he could for the organization. Jack was a unique instructor; he had an incredible passion for firefighting. Jack could usually be found instructing Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) or being pulled out of a building for a Search and Rescue scenario.


Jack was to the SVFFA what Gordie Howe was to hockey. He was known by all. If you were at a conference you knew he was there before seeing him; his infectious, gigantic laugh echoed and could be heard from a block away.

Our dear Jack passed away peacefully on August 20th, 2008. In his memory, The Saskatchewan Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Association offers a scholarship for young fire fighters who are pursuing post-secondary education toward their career goals.

Jack will always be fondly remembered by his students and fellow instructors.

Dale Wagner, Past President
Saskatchewan Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Association