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Heart & Stroke FAST Signs of Stroke


Heart & Stroke’s campaign promoting the acronym F.A.S.T. (Face, Arms, Speech and Time) is a simple way to help Canadians recognize the signs of stroke and take immediate and life-saving action by calling 911.

Since 2014, the FAST campaign has successfully improved public recognition of the signs of stroke in Canada. Beyond recognizing the symptoms, the campaign also urges people to call 911 immediately if they - or the person they are with - are showing signs of a stroke. Calling 911 triggers a provincial “stroke alert”, which allows health care providers at Saskatchewan’s designated stroke centres to prepare to treat a stroke when the patient arrives.

Thanks to the financial support from the Government of Saskatchewan, Heart & Stroke is working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Saskatchewan Health Authority and other stakeholders to raise awareness across Saskatchewan.

Check out these 4 YouTube videos for more information: