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Jack Croteau Memorial Scholarship Application Form

Scotia-Wealth Scholarship Application Form

The goal and purpose of this funding is to help enable volunteer fire departments to attend and send members for training at the SVFFA spring or fall training symposium. The applying fire department must be a member of the SVFFA. The members must attend, and successfully complete the course which they are enrolled in. This money can be used to offset course costs, meals, travel and accommodations.

SGI Online Vehicle Fire and Accident Claim form

This online form is replacing the current mail-in form that SGI requires when making a Vehicle Fire and Accident Claim. If the Fire Department has not set up direct deposit, they will receive individual cheques for each invoice with details on the cheque stub including the following:

  • Accident # from the invoice

  • Our Claim number

  • Insured Name

  • Vehicle Plate

  • Hour and rate calculation

If the Fire Department has a Payee number and has arranged for Direct Deposit, they receive a 'Notification of Deposit' in the mail following the deposit providing a breakdown of the amount deposited. As an alternative, the Fire Department can request access to our Partner Site which will allow them to see the Notification of Deposit without waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

To arrange for a Payee number, direct deposit or access to our Partner Site, the Fire Department can contact Claims Support Services at or by telephone at (306) 775-6871.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Troy Kolish at