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Open letter to the membership of the SVFFA from your President Doug Lapchuk

At our recent board meeting it was decided that the SVFFA has reached a point in trying to get answers out of SGI regarding rates and rules for payment of rescue services. It has been decided that we need to start making a bigger noise to be the squeaky wheel and maybe this will result in a quicker resolution to our concerns.

To that end we are requesting provincial volunteer firefighters to attend an informational/public awareness session at the Legislative buildings on June 6th 2016 starting at ten thirty in the morning. We would respectfully request that any and all members that attend keep in mind that we are not going to be confrontational, rather we will speak just to the facts of the matter. The example would be that we are paid an amount for the productive call, but in a lot of instances we are being pro-rated down to 12 minutes rather than being paid a full hour for rescue.

The second point is the definition of productive call versus non-productive. It is our opinion that this is an easy fix. If we respond to a call and do something as minor as traffic control or cleaning up debris all the way to full extrication, this would be a productive call. If we are called and before reaching scene and are called off, this is a non-productive call.

Doug Lapchuk - SVFFA President

CVFSA Lifetime Achievement Award nominations now open - The Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association’s “ CVFSA Lifetime Achievement Award”©, in partnership with Duracell Canada Inc. and their partners, annually honours an individual whose remarkable achievements in the fire service and community exemplifies outstanding performance. To be considered for the award, nominees must have been a volunteer firefighter or volunteer-on-call firefighter for at least twenty (20) years.
Click here for the information package.
Click here for the nomination form.

Regional Communications Centre Career Open House - The Regional Communications Centre in Regina is offering a Career Open House for anyone considering becoming a Communications Specialist. Join them Wednesday June 8th at 7PM to find out about this valuable and necessary career, and how Communications Specialists make a difference in the lives of Saskatchewan Residents every day. If you are interested in attending, please contact Kim Gutwin at kim.gutwin@rqhealth.ca.

Royal Canadian Mint National Heroes Collector Set - The Royal Canadian Mint is proudly honouring Canada’s national heroes with a new silver collector coin series. The series features firefighters, paramedics, police and the military, all of which face danger in the line of duty yet remain steadfast in their commitment and dedication to helping others. Click here to purchase the whole collector set. In conjunction with this coin series, the Mint is donating $10,000 to the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal (Fort McMurray) as well as $5 from the sale of every “Firefighters” coin, which is the first coin in the series.

Ecuador fire departments looking for assistance - The SVFFA recently received an email from Brian Wilson with Moose Jaw Fire Department:
"As some of you know, I've been a volunteer Disaster Response Team Leader for a small organization for about the last 6 years. I've been deployed on international disaster response deployments to Haiti, Philippines, Nepal and most recently Ecuador. Through the organization I volunteer with (Humanity First), I was approached today by two small fire departments in Ecuador that were impacted by the earthquake last month. Their stations collapsed in the earthquake, and the fire fighters are doing their best to make do and still provide this much needed service to their communities."
The organization will be providing transportation and logistics, while the fire departments are looking for some pretty basic stuff: Tents for living quarters; Kitchen supplies / cook stoves; Toilets; Water tanks for personal use; Fire fighting supplies;

2016 Winnipeg Firefighter Paramedic / Firefighter / Primary Care Paramedic recruitment - Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Winnipeg Firefighter Paramedic / Firefighter / Primary Care Paramedic recruitment! All of the information and documents needed to apply are available at www.winnipeg.ca/fps/careers.

New classifieds posted! - There are new classifieds posted to the News & Events page including Hurst rescue tools, air bags, SCBA, and a wildland slide in skid!

Huge thank you to Mosaic! - The SVFFA has to give a huge thank you to Mosaic for their donation of a Hahn fire engine! You will be able to see this truck in person at the 2016 SVFFA Spring Fire School this weekend (08-10 April 2016).

Saskatchewan's Newest CISM Team!

Prairie Region TRANSCAER Flammable Liquids and Rail Safety event - The Prairie Region TRANSCAER® Committee, in co-operation with the City of Swift Current, will be hosting a Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response outreach event on Thursday August 18th and Friday August 19th, 2016. There is no cost to attend either of these dates. Click here for the registration form and more information!

SGI 2016 Fire Suppression & Vehicle Extrication rates

  • Hourly Rate for Productive Call - $887.00
  • Hourly Rate for Unproductive Call - $533.00

New Course Offered At 2016 Spring SVFFA Fire School in Balgonie, SK! - At the Spring Fire School in Balgonie we will be offering a LIVE FIRE HOUSE BURN for training! Friday night will be cold smoke search and rescue evolutions, Saturday will be live fire interior evolutions all day, and Sunday will see us burning the house down and practising defensive operations. NOTE: THERE ARE STRICT RESTRICTIONS THAT MUST BE MET TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS COURSE. Please go to the Education and Training page and view the Information and Registration package for more details. There is a hard limit on how many students can participate, so register early!

SVFFA 2016 Spring Fire School and Trade Show - If you plan on attending the 2016 Spring Fire School in Balgonie, SK, book your hotels now! There are rooms blocked off at the Ramada (306.525.5300) and Sleep Inn (306.791.1925) in Emerald Park, SK and at the Super 8 (306.789.8833) on the east end of Regina, SK. At each hotel the block of rooms is booked blocked under the name "2016 Balgonie Spring Fire School". If you call one of those hotels and they do not recognize the block of rooms, specify that it is during 08-10 April 2016.

Balgonie 2016 Spring Fire School - The 2016 Spring Fire School in Balgonie, SK is coming up quickly! Click here for the agenda, information, and registration package!

Jan 2016 SVFFA Newsletter - Click here for the January 2016 newsletter!


On 18 Dec 2015 the Rose Valley Fire Hall was destroyed by fire, which damaged their apparatus and destroyed all of their personal PPE. The apparatus were not a total loss but they will be out of service until they can be recertified, however they have no personal PPE left.

Mutual aid will be provided by Kelvington, Archerwill, and Wadena Fire Departments but Rose Valley firefighters are looking to borrow PPE (including boots and helmets) until they can buy new equipment. I am hoping that we can find fire departments who have both supplies and equipment to lend or donate until Rose Valley can rebuild and become a fully functional fire department again.

Anyone who can help out can contact Rose Valley Fire Chief Dale Whitford at 306.322.2383 (home) or 306.322.7744 (cell). Even if you cannot help materially, you can help by getting the word out to as many of your fellow fire departments as possible.

PAFD Grasslands Pumper Truck for sale - Prince Albert Fire Dept is soliciting bids for their U-18 Grasslands Pumper Truck. Click through to the Classifieds page for the bid information and pictures of the truck.

Changes to the Call for Nominations for Sask. Protective Services Medal - The Sask. Gov. Protocol Office has changed the annual deadline for the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal Call for Nominations. They will now accept nominations until 31 Mar 2016. For more information and for the nomination forms, please go to http://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/heritage-honours-and-awards/saskatchewan-protective-services-medal.

SVFFA 25th Anniversary Mugs - Mike Kwasnica and the Humboldt Fire Department has a number of SVFFA 25th Anniversary mugs still available. Go to the Classifieds page for more info!

Creighton Fire Dept. Pumper - Creighton Fire Dept is selling a 1985 Superior Emergency Vehicle Pumper. Go to the Classifieds page for more info!

YouTube videos from 2015 Humboldt Fire School Auto Ex - Mike Beamish has posted two YouTube videos from our Auto Extrication course in Humboldt, SK.:
Air Bag Detonation
Auto Ex Scenario

June 2015 SVFFA Newsletter - The June 2015 newsletter is now available for your viewing pleasure!

New Classifieds posted! - New equipment and accessories from the Saskatoon Fire Dept. has been posted on the Classifieds page.

Fundraising Possibility - The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) is leading the clean-up of private scrap tire stockpiles in the province. In many rural municipalities, non-profit or service groups are recruited to assist, and sometimes lead, the clean-up and are provided with compensation for their efforts. Go to the News and Events page for more information. They have a new map showing which RMs they are operating in this year, go to the News & Events page to find the link to the map.

Updated Bylaws Posted - The newest version of the SVFFA bylaws (modified in 2008) have been added to the Membership page.

Hug-a-Bears for Children in Traumatic Situations - For many years, the SaskTel Pioneers have used a simple pattern to sew a little comfort in to the shape of a bear. Pioneers sew and distribute Hug-a-Bears for children in times of trauma. They work with community agencies, such as police departments, ambulance services and volunteer fire departments, so that a Hug-a-Bear is always available to give to a frightened child facing a traumatic situation. Sometimes just one is needed, where other times large shipments are sent to areas struck by a of disaster. The cost for the bears is free.
For more information about the SaskTel Pioneers or to order bears call 1-866-944-4442 or email SaskTel.pioneers@sasktel.com.